How to analyze weblogic thread dumps ?

Hi Again, this is in continuation to last couple of posts where we see how to take thread dumps. Once, we have thread dumps, next task is to analyze the thread dumps. Analyzing dumps is very critical to understand, what is going wrong and then to come up with solution for the same.  There are many tools which can be used for thread dump analysis e.g. TDA (Thread Dump Analyzer).  Oracle A-team has extended this TDA and has enhanced it for oracle fusion middleware. This tools is named as ThreadLogic. This supports almost all JVM vendor. The free tool can be downloaded from –
This tool is in the form of jar and does not require installation. This tool can be run as normal user and admin rights are not required. This tool is started from command prompt as below :

java –jar ThreadLogic-2.0.217                                                                                        
This should start threadlogic as below:
Now, click on open logFile, and select dump file.
This gives analysis of thread dump:
ThreadLogic not only analyzes dumps, but also gives advisory on what can be probable solution.
We do not need admin rights for installation or running this tool. Its free, easy and provides detailed analysis with advice.
Hope you will find this post helpful.  As usual any feedback/comments/suggestions are welcome!

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