How to configure quick start domain?

For small & quicker policies, Jdeveloper integrated environment is pretty handy. I was looking for physical location of domain, so that integrated server can be used without starting jdeveloper. Well, it is located @C:UsersadminAppDataRoamingJDevelopersystem12. Now, can start/stop and use domain as normal.
While working on something, accidentally this domain was corrupted. So, wanted to configure domain similar to integrated domain. This post talks about how to configure quick start domain –
First you need to set environment variable QS_TEMPLATES to select proper templates.

##If you want domain with SOA – set variable as
set QS_TEMPLATES=%ORACLE_HOME%soacommontemplateswlsoracle.soa_template_12.1.3.jar
##If you want domain with OSB capabilities alone set variable as
set QS_TEMPLATES=%ORACLE_HOME%osbcommontemplateswlsoracle.osb_template_12.1.3.jar
##if you want domain, to have both SOA as well as OSB – then set variable as
set QS_TEMPLATES=%ORACLE_HOME%soacommontemplateswlsoracle.soa_template_12.1.3.jar, %ORACLE_HOME%osbcommontemplateswlsoracle.osb_template_12.1.3.jar
Please note, it is assumed that you have ORACLE_HOME already set.
Please note, it is assumed that you have ORACLE_HOME already set.
Now navigate to %ORACLE_HOME%wlservercommonbin
cd %ORACLE_HOME%wlservercommonbin
run command – qs_config.cmd
This should be open 3 step wizard:

Enter password for admin user and ports (in case default ports are already used by some other domain). Click Next.

Wait for 5 minutes for domain configuration to complete, once next button is enabled click on Next.
Note the url for admin server. Server can be started directly from by using selecting StartDomain and clicking on Finish. However, this can be started using %ORACLE_HOME%/user_projects/domains/DOMAIN_NAME/bin/startWebLogic.cmd

That’s all, new quick start domain is ready. It can be started independently without jdeveloper. You can change configuration of integrated weblogic in Jdeveloper and can start from Jdev as well.
Applicable: Oracle SOA suite 12c (

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